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Benjamin 397 Help

Posted by - Racinfan83 Apr/19/2015 at 04:01PM

I have an air rifle with wood stock, pump action, chrome barrel and pump tube, and it says Benjamin/Sheridan 397 on it. Shoots well, but the trigger was terrible. So I searched and found a 392/397 trigger tune up page from this website. Took mine apart yesterday - and the trigger assembly looks NOTHING like the one on your page. Appears that the "sear" is under the piston, the top of the trigger assembly has a roll pin attaching it to the round block at the back of the gun. (Piece with a phillips screw on each side and a flat blade screw under the safety lever). No box enclosure at all. It appeared to me that pulling trigger pulls the notched "sear" down from under the piston? The safety slides forward/backward and when on safe fits under a notch and doesn't allow the sear to drop. So I cleaned up the stamping burrs a bit on this sear piece and the end of the safety where it rubs on the sear piece when trigger is pulled. Trigger pull is better. Not sure what else I can do to it?
Now for the bigger issue. After I put it back together - the bolt is very hard to pull back and it won't pull back all the way and cock without major finagling with it and the trigger. Maybe messing with trigger doesn't make a difference - but it's a bear to work now. What could I have done to create this? I didn't even remove the bolt - just the cover plate with 2 screws and another plate under it? How do I fix?
And any info on year made, model, etc would be helpful too. Thanks...


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1812 Postings in 507 Threads, 813 Members, 1 users online ( 0 Members, 1 Guests )